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Birkman Interpretation Guides:

Click on the links below to download pdf examples of the Birkman Report's pages

Birkman Components Chart
Areas of Interest
Organizational Strengths Guide

Birkman Sample pages:

Lifestyle Grid
Areas of Interests
Needs at a Glance
Usual Behavior, Needs, & Stress Behavior
Stress Pages - understand & deal stress
Differences to Watch between two People
Managerial Style
Career Management

We offer the Birkman in three formats:

Advanced Birkman - provides individual results feedback in a one-on-one two
hour session with a certified Birkman consultant.

For examples of the information given in the Birkman click here

Group Birkman Workshop - provides results feedback in a group setting
delivered by a certified Birkman consultant.

It can be effectively used with groups of people who do not work
together on a ongoing basis.

Individuals would do the online assessment prior to the session and
would be provided with a simplified version of their individual report via
email prior to the session.

Key sections of the assessment results are explained in detail so
that individuals understand their own scores. This group session can
be followed up with individual consultations for those participants desiring
the full Advanced Birkman. click here for more information

Team Birkman Workshop - provides an intact team with the results feedback on
their team mates.

Team members have already received their own individual results and are now
challenged with understanding the results of each of the other individuals on
their team, with special attention to their team leader.

The focus is on strengths, needs, team dynamics and differences to watch. "Go
to" people within the team are highlighted, broken links analyzed, blind spots
are taken up, support issues discussed. click here for more information