"With the aid of the Career Compass, I refocused the vision of my dream job and viola! Suddenly, I love my job again! The adjustments that I needed to make were really very simple.

Understanding what types of rewards I need and the situations in which I thrive. Not the ones I tolerate, because we can all do that and plod along, but the ones that truly set me free to do my best work.

J.F. (Professional Photographer)


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The Birkman Assessment

Gallup's Strengthsfinder




"Knowing your strengths and needs--and being able to articulate them at any time--in an interview, a chance conversation, or a casual interchange. That is what works in today’s business environment."

--Clay Primrose

The words "Career Compass" were a gift from a client -- a very talented and bright head of an engineering firm. He had worked his way right to the top and right into a position he was ill-suited for. He was not happy and he wasn't making the rest of his team happy--even though they all really liked him personally. Asked what he wanted. He replied, "I'd like to have some sort of a career compass--something to guide me through not only my current situation but my whole career."

Career Compass is a coaching program designed to create an internal career guidance system for an individual that will last for a life time. This guidance system answers the questions what should I be doing, how do I perform best, what is a right environment, and what are my values so that career and work decisions--small and large--have an objective basis and can be made with confidence on a daily basis.

In today's workplace you can expect to have multiple career changes over your lifetime due to changes in business, technology, the economy, and personal interests. It is your responsibility to know how you can contribute best and be able to articulate this information to the world. That is far beyond the scope of the normal resume.

In today's world success comes to those who know themselves and who put themselves in situations that play to their strengths and where those strengths can take them. A resume can't do that. A resume documents what is in your the rear view mirror.

The activities include in the Career Compass are the Birkman Assessment, the Gallup StrengthsFinder, exercises and coaching to weave the results together into a tight succinct form, and the actual coached drills on articulation until you are judged ready to go looking for what you want.

The outcome is clarity on your own personal intersection of strengths, interests, and environmental factors that allow you to perform at your max--we call this your 'sweetspot'. It is also the ability to comfortably articulate this and therefore the ability to easily go look for it in or out of your existing network.