Great Managers

Great managers know how to build a high performance workplace and run functionals teams.

Level #1 The High Performance Workplace

Key Focus:

-The key elements of a work place that attracts and retains talented employees.
-What the most productive employees need from the workplace.
- How to measure whether the manager is building a great lace to work.
- What to do with the results.

Program Activities:

-Study “First, Break All The Rules”
- Run Q12 Survey
- Analyze results
- Group review of results & action plan
- Individual action plans as necessary
- Practice performance interviews
- Implement performance management routine.


- Managers who know how to perform the core activities of the catalyst role: select a person, focus them, motivate them, develop them.
- Managers accountable for employee responses to Q12.
- Managers who know how to do a talent interview.
- Manager who develops his own simple performance management routine.

Level 2: Creating a Functional Team

Level 3: Good Meetings