Great managers know how to build a high performance workplace and run functionals teams.

Level #1 The High Performance Workplace

Level 2: Creating a Functional Team

Key Focus

-Trust, conflict commitment
-Shared goal and defining objectives

Program Activities:

- Read book “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (5DOT).
- Do the 5DOT assessment on direct reports.
- Analyze results and discuss with team.
- Offsite to go through the 5DOT program.
- Implement the output of the offsite.
- Follow up regularly.


-The beginnings of a truly functional team whose members actually set aside their individual objectives to focus on results that are in the bestinterests of the overall group.
- High trust, conflict norms in place.
- A thematic goal all are committed to.
- Individual objectives to support the goal sorted out and committed to.

Level 3: Good Meetings

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