"I needed direction - something more than this is the next step up the ladder. Clay gave me the confidence to push my studies toward the ladder I wanted to climb instead of finding myself, once again, on the wrong ladder...against the wrong wall."




MBA Programs tend to be an experience akin to "drinking from a firehose", very intense, very overwhelming at times. The amount of material covered, the number of activities engaged in--leaves precious little time for quiet reflection.

You probably wouldn't be taking the time, spending the money, and putting yourself through such a program unless there was a desire for change. And you're most likely far enough along in your career that you want to make sure it's the right change with no missteps. The directions you take now will be critical.

The knowledge, skills and experience gained from the graduate program are invaluable, BUT they do not answer the question of what you personally should do with them. There is little focus on your individual strengths and yet, this is the biggest factor affecting your ultimate success. Knowing YOUR strengths, knowing what interests get you fully engaged, knowing the elements of a high performance environment for you--these enable you to put yourself in situations that truly play to your hard-wired strengths. And that is where the success, happiness, and quality of life come from.

As one top student told me--"Look, we're smart, we're in a good program, we're going to get jobs and make money--but what's the quality of our lives going to be? Are we just going to get drained and chewed up? Or are we going to grow and succeed and gain deep satisfaction? That's where we need help."

So this is exactly where the "MBA Compass Coaching Program" fits in. It not only ensures that you KNOW what you are looking for, but that you can ARTICULATE it easily and comfortably and that you are willing to honor your uniqueness.

MBA Programs are so fast and furious and so focused on knowledge and data that one can easily feel a bit like they are losing a grip on themselves and who they really are. This coaching program utilizes the most sophisticated assessments available and quickly and firmly ensures that each unique individual gets "themselves" back before they head back out into the world.

Whether it is choosing electives and activities, making decisions about internships, or interviews with prospective employers--when an individual knows clearly the kinds of problems they are hard-wired to solve, knows the interests they want to follow and can easily inform another person about themselves and how they perform best--the process is simplified.