Clay Primrose

"Knowing your strengths and needs--and being able to articulate them
at any time--in an interview, a chance conversation, or a casual interchange.
That is what works in today’s business environment."--Clay Primrose


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"Clay's Career Compass showed me the way out of a frustrating and unfulfilling executive position into an exciting and rewarding new career of having my own consulting practice. Now that I have discovered my strengths, I have put them to work for my clients so that everyone benefits! This coaching program was the bungee cord I needed to jump off that cliff. Wow, what a ride!" --SC


Coaching is designed to help you create an internal career guidance system that is good for life. This guidance system answers the questions: what should I be doing, how do I perform best, what is a right environment, and what are my values so that career and work decisions--small and large--have an objective basis and can be made with confidence on a daily basis. In today's workplace you can expect to have multiple career changes over your lifetime due to changes in business, technology, the economy, and personal interests. It is your responsibility to know how you can contribute best, be able to articulate this information to the world, and make decisions based on it.

Examples of Organizations Served: Dell, Inc., Brocade Communications, Apple Inc., Borland Software, Cirrus Logic, Semtech Corp., Emo Labs, GSD&M, Edison Schools, University of Texas MBA Pgm.


Stanford University, BA, Psychology
University of Texas, Executive MBA
Certified Senior Birkman Consultant


Success comes to those who know themselves and who put themselves in situations that play to their strengths. A resume can't do that. A resume documents what is in your the rear view mirror. The outcome we seek is clarity on your strengths, on the activities that fully engage you, and on the environmental factors that allow you to perform at your max--the intersection of these three we call your performance 'sweetspot'. Armed with this perception, finding the right fit becomes a deliberate process.

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"The most interesting thing about the whole process, is that my own perception of myself changed so drastically in such a short period of time. Everything I do is so much clearer and my confidence increased tremendously."

Individuals have unique and enduring strengths and the focus of this Coaching program is on identifying, deploying, and developing them. Not everyone can be competent at everything and ‘development’ doesn't means fix the weaknesses. True development means getting people doing what they do best, and what they are interested in, in an environment that motivates them. This is what generates the greatest energy and consequently the highest return on the investment in human capital, for the company and for the person. In business and in life.

By using the Birkman assessment, along with other tools, I help you to understand what motivates you and what demotivates you, what you can do better than the next 10,000 people...and what you need to watch out for. I'll help you to understand what environment, both at home and at work, encourages you to succeed.

When deciding which path in life to take - this knowledge can set you on the road to happiness, or, if ignored, to a series of financial and/or emotional failures. Learn why you make the decisions you are making now and if they are really the right ones for you.


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"I have worked with Clay for several years through my leadership of two separate organizations. One of those was at a national level the other at a state level. I asked him to facilitate making a difference in culture, motivation, focus and direction in both organizations. He not only made a difference, he was THE difference"! --DN

Organizations & Teams

Specializing in creating high performance work cultures that attract, motivate and retain talented employees, Clay skillfully blends sophisticated assessments, training and coaching based on the teachings of Drucker, Gallup, Covey, Lencioni and more.

He has achieved long term success getting executives on the right track, building critical teams, and building strengths-based organizations.

As a consultant and coach he brings psychology and business experience together with a deep understanding of human capital strategy balanced with the business reality of ROI requirements.

The secret to high energy and functional teams is fully utilizing individual strengths so that everyone is doing what they do best. Using his insight into each person's style and motivation, how each thinks, communicates and builds relationships, he assists executives in the process of quickly building productive teams. Using the Birkman Assessment Method, Clay delivers a fast and deeply strategic perception of the organizational strengths and needs of an executive's staff.

Specializing in creating high energy, high trust, high performance work cultures that attract, motivate and retain talented employees. Clay provides assessment-based analysis, coaching and training to business leaders who are responsible for the energy and the level of engagement in their company. Clay then works with these leaders to build strengths-based organizations capable of sustained profitable growth.

With over 30 years in responsible leadership and project management positions and 7 years as a consultant at Dell on the Global Business Process Improvement Team, Clay brings psychology and business experience together with a deep understanding of human capital strategy that fits the business realities of ROI.