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A Strengths-based Approach to Professional Development for your entire Company…

“Knowing Your own Strengths is Powerful, Knowing the strengths of everyone in your entire company, takes everyone to a whole different level.”       – Clay Primrose

It shapes the way we work and how we behave.

A driving force that inspires you to take action and persist.

To give priorities for action, consideration, and discussion.

To achieve goals from different perspectives.

About Clay Primrose

building highly effective teams and companies.

Clay Primrose believes in the power of human potential. From coaching individuals to building dream teams, Clay Primrose thrives on cultivating human capital success. As a seasoned human capital strategist, he’s spent over 25 years empowering leaders, building thriving teams, and fostering positive organizational cultures. Clay’s deep understanding of individual strengths allows him to ignite collaboration, drive performance, and build trust.

His impact extends beyond the boardroom, as he passionately supports families, guiding them through key life moments. Whether mentoring students, advising couples, or strengthening family bonds, Clay finds joy in helping individuals and families reach their full potential.

Clay Primrose is a highly sought-after human capital strategist who acts as a CEO confidante, coach, and organizational development specialist.

His unique development style focuses on the “strengths-based” approach to human capital. Based on a unique combination of Gallup Mgmt. research and the Birkman Questionnaire, his work unlocks the unique talents of each individual, helps build a common language with which to discuss and optimizes people issues and to create highly function teams that execute successfully.

Success comes to those who know themselves.

“Knowing your strengths and needs–and being able to articulate them at any time–in an interview, a chance conversation, or a casual interchange. That is what works in today’s business environment.”  — Clay Primrose

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